Problem registering both soft and hard phone

I have a customer ( office) with hard phones ( Grandstream 2000) on each persons table and registered all the time.
Some of the people would like to use softphones also, so they register using the same user and secret as the hard phone. Problem is that once they do this, the hard phones stop getting the calls, ( ideally I would like both to ring at the same time) though you can still make out going calls from the hard phones. Even worst, after you close the softphone totally, if someone calls that extension, the hard phone never rings, the caller gets directed to the voice mail.
Any ideas how to solve this?

Setup a seperate SIP config for the softphone and hardphone



when you dial:
exten => 311,1,Dial(SIP/311s&SIP/311h,r)

I’m New to this

To prevent the soft phone from stomping on the hard phone’s registration, let them register under different usernames. nizon illustrated declaring [311s] (soft) and [311h] (hard) in sip.conf instead of simply [311]. The exact names you choose do not matter, but they have to be distinct.

nizon also showed the other half of the trick. When someone dials 311, the dialplan relays the call to both soft and hard phones (311s and 311h) simultaneously. Whichever answers first gets the call.

As I said I am new to this and am using trixbox, I think you are saying I need to create two separate extensions and let each register individually, but how in trixbox do I define the same number to reach two registered endpoints ?

The GXP2000 should send register message again. it is strange. but it is better to use different account and have the call forward or follow me service on. by this, on the user side, it is one number, but in the system , they are two number.