PRI card question


I am building an Asterisk box for my office and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference between these two cards is:

This is the card that was recommended originally

This is the card I was looking at a feasible substitute

The reason I ask is because well, things are tight lately and I want to save costs where ever possible. If we are going to be running an office with 25 to 30 people I want to make sure the older card can handle it. Additionally, are there any functional differences between the two cards?

Thanks in advance!


the differences are:

  • PCI to PCI-Express…
  • Support from Digium (TE110 is depricated I think)
  • And finally (but most important) hardware echo-canceller

functional are no differences except the echo-canceller.
My advise would be the TE121. You get support (after registration) and it has hardware echo-canceller.


The second one is a clone of an end of life’d Digium product.

Buying clones supports people who DO NOT SUPPORT Asterisk. If you do that, you’re putting money into the pockets of people who aren’t helping the application that you’re using. Putting money into Digium, helps us employ people to do things like a) fix bugs in Asterisk, b) add new features to Asterisk.

We discontinued the TE110 because, over time, new motherboards came out that had poor compatibility with the TE110 that were hardware-level issues. So, YMMV.

Further, the TE12x cards that we build feature the ability to perform latency buffering; so, in the event that your system has nastiness on the PCI bus that interferes with quick access to the bus, the calls will stay up. The TE110’s didn’t have that capability.


Thank you for your responses. Taking everything into account I will most likely go with the TE121.

Thanks again!

Hello again,

Now that I have decided on the card, I have been seeing different versions(?) of the TE121. I see a TE121B, TE121P, TE121BF, and a TE121PF. I bet this is something really simple but googling it has yielded nothing and looking at product information on the Digium website for the B and P series leads me to the same document.

I want to make sure I am not buying some dupped card (because a TE121PF apparently is $425 while a TE121B is almost twice the cost).

Thanks again in advance!