1TE134F vs TE110p


Can someone tell me what is the diference between 1TE134F and TE110p digium card?



The TE110P was discontinued back in 2007. It is not capable of supporting hardware-based echo-cancellation and it’s incapable of dealing with large latencies or latency spikes that might occur on a system. If you’re buying a TE110P at this point you’re buying one that was manufactured 7 years ago or more and probably isn’t in new condition.

The TE134 is a current-generation product and provides on-board hardware-based echo-cancellation and is fully capable of dealing with latency spikes.

Thank you for your reply.

TE134 is expensive card,
I’m thinking about buying OpenVox D110E, also compatible with asterisk, but without hardware echo cancellation.

Is it recommended from your experience to buy card with hardware echo cancellation?



Because the first user complaint about echo, where one didn’t install a proper echo canceller, will eat up any difference in price due to the time to take the complaint; and, if you can’t resolve it, will leave a very bad impression.

Also, buying from Openvox is rather poor form, since they’re just making a buck off of others’ designs and not putting anything back into Asterisk.


Thank you, I think we will order then digium card.


Some manufacturers use their own designs and resell them under their own name. Others have actually taken older Digium card designs and copied them, reselling the copies under their own name. A third category are counterfeiters who manufacture replicas and imply they are Digium cards. You may have experience with these low-end cards. Nothing is more frustrating than a poor quality product from a manufacturer who claims they are “Digium Certified,” Genuine or Authentic (and then you later discover they are not).

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