Digium Wildcard on Dell PowerEdge 750?

I’m currently running Asterisk on a Dell PowerEdge 750 with an AVM Fritz ISDN card. I’m looking to upgrade very soon to a Digium E1/T1 card, preferably a TE110P Wildcard. Unfortunately the Digium website lists the 750 as “partially incompatible” with the TE110P, with the wiki suggesting some APIC-SMP-kernel-with-no-X-windows workarounds I’m not able to make.

Does anyone know if the same problem applies to the four-span TE410P? If so it’ll mean outlaying for a new server… which is also a possibility.



Send mail to Digium.

Please update this thread with what you hear?

Typically we deploy SC420’s and PowerEdge 750’s for all our Asterisk installations (for cost/value/support). Have not tried any Digium T1 cards yet (we like to support Digium when we can of course!) in the 750 so would appreciate what you find out (i.e. if we need to be using Dialogic or other card that may be a little more stable, etc.).


Interesting, I’m about to deploy Dell PowerEdge 800’s with Asterisk.

The purchase hasn’t actually been made yet though, and it appears there are some deals on servers at the moment.

DevGuy, any other comments on the PowerEdge SC420? Actually, looks like the SC1420 is on special also, appears to be a Xeon model.

Specials for Aus:
www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/ … bsd&~tab=3

I currently have a Power Edge 750 and 800 on its way. I have a TE110P and TE410P card and will test both. I have been trying to find out what this “patially incompatible” means but without any luck. From what I can figure out of the limited explanation on Digium’s web site about the incomapatibilities, it seems like the TE410P should not have a problem with the 750. I guess I will find out soon and hopefully I havent waisted any money. :smile:

Ah, i’d never seen this page before:

Well, seems like PowerEdge 800 is still the best choice. Please keep us updated with your progress gventer.

I’m with you on not wasting money gventer :smile:

I just mailed Digium so I’ll get back with the official word when I hear from them. It’d be great to hear you personal experiences as well.

Well I know the Digium cards are the low-budget version that we all love & obviously aren’t going to be engineered as comprehensively as we’d all like (e.g. Dialogic, etc.). However, I am very interested in Digium’s reasons for incompatibility with the most popular, current, and well known brand of servers?

We have several SC420’s in place and 750’s running without issue on TDM400P cards. So far no real troubles, other than once in a blue-moon need to reboot one for unknown reasons.

The official word from Digium is:

“The quad-span cards would not experience the same issue. If there is
anything else we can do, please let us know.”

Still no word on what the exact single-span (TE110P) compatibility problem is, but in my deployment it’ll be worth spending a bit more money to avoid any risk of incompatibilities.

I assume this is about the T1 cards. Any response about the TDM400P FXO/FXS cards?

As for the TE110P, from Digium:

"It is an incompatibility with the PCI interface. The TigerJet 320 chip
that provides the interface on the board is not compatible with the PCI
controller on the motherboard.

If you figure out someway to resolve this, by all means, let us know."

Ditto with figuring anything out. I’m about a day away from buying a 4-span TE410P instead.

I haven’t investigated the FXO/FXS cards at all - I’m moving over to an E1 line at the moment (so yes, this is T1/E1 card specific).

Sorry guys and gals, I have been busy lately and have not yet got around to do the tests. (I am a software developer too)

BTW Jimmy, I think it might be cheaper for you to rather buy a new server instead. Cost less than the $1500 for a quad card. :smile:

Haha, yes sad but true. I’m going to scale up to a few E1’s eventually so I went out and blew the budget on the quad card… not to mention the cost of E1 lines. As to whether or not I can actually run the theoretical 128 simultaneous calls on my server (incl Speex overhead) is another issue entirely :confused:

I’ll post back if I encounter any problems with the four-span.