Prevent voicemail 's users from changing mailbox password

whether there is any way which prevent voicemail users changing mailbox password in asterisk version 1.2.0,or disable voicemail menu in voicemailmain 0 and then press 5 (chenge password option)
i found a patch for this in but this patch don 't worked with asterisk 1.2.0 .

thanks :smile:

Did you try chmod a-w voicemail.conf ?

prepend the password with “-” in the voicemail.conf:

253 => -1234,John Smith,,|tz=eastern

tanks for your kind attention your answer resolved the problem of mine …definitely useful

hi dgarstang
begin it wasn’t crystal clear to me ,may you please explain more ?
which or where i assigned “chmod a-w” , to especial file ?