Presence with polycom 601 and extension modules

I have 25 tel IP 501 and 2 601+2 extension module. I have a tftp server.
I have mad a -directory.xml for my IP601 to signal witch is in line. But when i place 25 name in my -directory.xml, only 7 phone are supervised. Other phone have this icon : v . I don’t find the new sip (1.6.5) and bootrom (3.1.3) for this phone. I have 1.6.2 and 3.1. But the new (perhaps) is ok for my problem

Thank’s for your help

Hi Eric. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Polycom 601. There is a quoted limit of 8 (I’ve found this limit to be 7) buddies that can be watched at any one time.

According to Digium, Polycom is not planning to increase this limit any time soon. I’ve asked my distributor for the latest from Polycom on this issue.

This might be old and forgotten but new sip firmware for the Polycom phones has been released. You can now monitor 6 buddies on the 30x and 50x phones while you can monitor up to 48 buddies (601 + three expansion modules) on the 60x series phones. I’ve tested it out with two clients and it works like a charm. One of the clients has a 601 with a single expansion and the other has a 601 with three expansion modules. All of the buddies now show up.


Just to be more specific, we are talking about the firmware 1.6.6.