Polycom IP601 and operator expansion modules

Has anyone tried these with Asterisk, I can’t seem to get my hands on one just yet. Iassume the base phone will be the same as an IP600 but the expansion modules are what interest me most.

I am interested in any information related to these and integration with Asterisk.

Links to the relevant Polycom pages:
polycom.com/products_service … 72,00.html
polycom.com/products_service … 04,00.html
polycom.com/products_service … 03,00.html


Have you tried one of these? Will it go over the 7 person limit that is in the phones?

I think you need the shared appearance and line bridging functionality support in your server, ie Asterisk, for these addons to work properly. I know SER doesn’t support these functions, and Asterisk not being a proxy, I don’t think it supports it either.

where did you get the Firmware for these phones?

i have the IP601 (5 of them actually) but nothing came with the phone.

polycom for some unknown reason refuse to give people the firmware for phones that they own. Try this- freedomphones.net/polycom/files/

Yep, Polycom are complete dicks about giving out both the BootROM and SIP software. You can usually get older revs on their web site tho. Be warned, if you upgrade to SIP 3.1, you cannot go back!

There isn’t a problem getting Polycom firmware at all. If you bought from an authorized reseller, all you have to do is contact them for the firmware. Most have some sort of ftp access to the code. Don’t complain about it if you went out and bought them from the back of a truck somewhere and cannot get support.

Also note that it’s not SIP 3.1, it’s bootrom 3.1. That is only required on the IP601 series phones, the other ones are recommended to stay at 2.6.2 anyway.