Asterisk, Polycom SIP 3.3.1, and Buddy Watching

Hello all!

Just got my first batch of Polycom 550s and 650s, and am attempting to make the Buddy Watch feature work. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Edited sip.conf. Added “allowsubscribe=no” under [general], and added “callcounter=yes” and “allowsubscribe=yes” for each peer I wish to watch.

  • Edited extensions.conf. Added a hint priority to each peer’s extension (i.e., “exten => 2400,hint,SIP/2400”).

  • Did “core show hints” to verify that the hints appeared, and that the statuses changed as appropriate (they all did).

So it would seem that things were ready to go. I proceeded to set up one of the Polycoms (a 650 with one sidecar) by plugging it in and allowing it to retrieve SIP 3.3.1 and its new config from my FTP server. I made sure that ~/Config/features.cfg contained “<feature.presence feature.presence.enabled=“1”>”; the phone’s config files were as follows:

But, for some reason, the Presence feature doesn’t seem to be active. Everything else on the phone works fine. The speed dial entries appear on the screens and dial when pressed, but display a “dial pad” icon and do not light the status lights. Doing a “sip show subscriptions” shows no active subscriptions, and a “core show hints” shows zero watchers for each hint.

I know this is probably more a Polycom issue than an Asterisk one, but my understanding is that Polycoms are (at least somewhat) officially supported on Asterisk… so hopefully someone here can enlighten me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Followup: After not being able to figure out what was wrong, I tried downgrading to 3.2.5. All is well now… so I’m leaving it alone until I have more time to mess with it.