Predict dialer

hi every body ,
i want to use the predict dialer module in asterisk2billing. i create the list of phonenumber but i don’t know how to use it !
any ideas ???
thanks in advance.

these people offer support … !!

hi all
thanks for the link. but do someone have any idea ?
thanks in advance.

on that link i posted is another link to the forum for the product. common sense says that the people who frequent that forum are users of the application, and will know more about it than the majority of posters here.

have you looked/posted at the forum there ?

i agree with you. and i already posted there my question.
but in that forum, they rarely answered to the questions. it is why i am looking here , by chance or hazard, may be an asterisk’user are in the same time using asterisk2billing
thanks for help.