Potential Asterisk VOIP usage - two questions

Hi All,

I have been tasked with reducing our company call costs etc., and it seems I can potentially achieve this with VOIP.

Currently we have a Lucent Index phone system and about 100 phones. Can Asterisk replace this and allow me utilise VOIP for outbound calls etc.?

My Second question, if we retained the Lucent index phone system, is it possible to pass calls from this system to asterisk and have them routed outbound via VOIP?

Any help on this one would be much apreciated

Kind Regards


seems like your second option would be the least expensive (allows you to keep your current infarstructure - of course I don’t know what that translates in costs for leasing, etc.). I’m not familiar with the Lucent, but you should be able program it to divert calls to a trunk into Asterisk and use Asterisk to route those to VoIP terminators or other options. If you want to investigate replacing everything, you could do the call routing just mentioned, plus start adding some extensions off the Asterisk server as well, and just come up with a dialplan between the Lucent and Asterisk that lets them co-exits (routes local extensions back and forth transparently to the users), then you could phase out the Lucent as needed while fine tuning your Asterisk implementation as well as any networking infrastructure that might need upgrading.