Popups using Jabber

I have an Asterisk system with a few sip softphone extensions running on Windows. I want to implement a popup application for the extensions such that any incoming call will trigger the application with the callerid.

I’m thinking of using jabber to implement this. I’ve read up some asterisk and jabber integration docs and have some vague idea how this should be done, but can’t put the whole together w/o the following questions answered.

  1. I’ll first need to install asterisk jabber addon. Also deploy a jabber server. Which open source jabber server do you recommend? jabberd, ejabberd or wildfire?

  2. Do I turn my asterisk server into a jabber client or component?

  3. How do I connect my asterisk and the jabber server together? Seems to me all the work are done in extensions.conf and jabber.conf, right?

  4. I plan to write the popup application in Java. How this application gets invokded when a call comes in? Do I need to install any jabber client on the windows?


  1. We are using wildfire to connect our * server with our jabber clients.
  2. I think a component, not sure about.
  3. Yes, at least with wildfire.
  4. In the clients pcs we use the spark software (jabber client also able to monitor the status of the * extensions of all jabber users anf able to show popups on incoming calls), in your usage case I think you don’t need a client, your java software will be the client.


Marco Bruni

Regarding 4), how do I turn my own java app into a jabber client? Do I need to load some modules into my java app?

BTW, what role does asterisk-java play in this? My understanding is that I can use asterisk-java to get call status and tell asterisk what action to take. If I go that route, do I still need jabber in the picture?

You can either use Asterisk-Java and build your own Openfire (formerly known as Wildfire) plugin or you can use Asterisk-IM (a prebuild Openfire plugin for Asterisk integration) along with the Spark Jabber client.
Asterisk-IM allows you to place calls from Spark, notifies you of incoming calls and sets your presence to away while you are on a call.
See igniterealtime.org/community … im_support

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