Jabber/XMPP integration?

To preface this email, I’m a huge Asterisk fan.

Why is there not more focus on Jabber/XMPP integration in Asterisk?

Cisco and Microsoft seem to “get itâ€

Not sure exactly what you are looking for but have you taken a look at Openfire? They claim integration in Asterisk but I don’t know to what extent. Might be worth looking into:


Basically the AsteriskIM plugin for Openfire changes your status to ‘On The Phone’ when you’re on a call. If you use Spark as your client, you get some added functionality (right click, dial contact) which will call you then connect the other person.
If you use the Enterprise version of Openfire (on a per user per year licence), you can also use Spark as a softphone.
You can probably get more info about it from the forums on the Asterisk IM pages

I have to agree though. More integration from the Asterisk side of things would be great to see.