Popup the caller's name to the Agents screen

We have a setup where asterisk is implement but dont know too much abt Asterisk so need this script ,

we want to build an AGI script to collect the CLID (calling line identification) or calling number and search through customers table with numbers, name, etc from a DB, and if a match is found the script displays or popup the caller’s name to the Agents screen or popup the caller’s number if its doesn’t match any name in the DB so the Agents can update the DB with the number, so it can be displayed next time the caller called,
So please guide us step by step its very needfull i m sure there is solution for and alot peoples are using but me missing some where guide me step by step if possible give me some already developed code

by using the following stuff you can achive what exact you required

1.vicidial --where u will get a agent interface which will display and able to edit the customer data , which has webform option were u can intgrate ur db .

2.elastix -which has inbuilt vtiger crm which willpopup and also allow to edit the details.

Hi striker24x7,
i am developing my own CRM not using third party so need to know how can i keep this facility in that

As i am already using Elastix so where should i change in elastix for these changings