Search callerID from list


Is it possible that I feed numbers and names in Asterisk and when call comes, it searches the number from that list and displays searched name on phones CLI, if not it displays the number from which call has been originated

Yes, Asterisk provides many different tools to achieve this task. Any of these tools can do the job

  • Asterisk DB
  • SYSTEM() Command
  • SHELL() Function

Of course you need to use CALLERID() FUNC

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Thanks a lot, I’ll do research on this and will try to implement it.

It will be great help if anyone can share an example

I was able to do it using


but have to put every number manually in the database using

database put cidname XXXXXXXXXXX “ABC”

Is there a better way? I believe it will be done with the help of ODBC function and AGI?

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Create your DB on MYSQL and retrieve values from MYSQL using System() command is the easiest way.

Yes you can do this with func_odbc, Create a function that looks up the CallerID Name when passed in the number.