Post Caller ID to other app

We are developing a new CRM, running CRM on a different server, when customers called, we would like to catch the caller ID (get the incoming caller ID from Asterisk), then CRM can search the caller ID and get the customer details.

I have googled it, looks like AGI script to do, however, I don’t know how this works and don’t have much background on php.

Please help.

Based on the information presented, I agree an AGI is the way to go.

Depending on how you access your database, I’d use the MySQL or cURL library. Query the database using the caller ID (passed in the AGI environment or as a channel variable), set a bunch of channel variables with the customer details, and Robert’s your mothers brother.

You can write an AGI in almost any language. What languages do you have experience with?

You could as well evaluate Asterisk Manager events, or simply send an HTTP GET across the net with the curl function. It all depends on what’s available and whether there are restriction that have nothing to do with Asterisk.

If you don’t know anything about PHP or any other programming language, use the Asterisk curl() function.

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