I need some advice please - Replacing BT fusion

Hey all,

I wonder if someone could provide me with some advice.

I work for a small company that has 3 branches, all the branches are connected by a VPN.

At each branch we have an ancient BT Fusion system, with all the lines running over ISDN.

Would Asterisk let me scrap the old bt fusion and use a new dedicated pbx unit based on pc components.

If so, what hardware would be required.

Many thanks for your help

Yes. Asterisk can do the trick 100%. In fact you dont even need a VPN. As long as they all have a public IP (or a privte behind a firewall and you can forward some ports) then you are in luck. As far as the hardware it really depends on what you want to do. What kind of lines are you using ? How many concurent calls will there be ? What kind of codecs are you using ? Are you going to be using Meet Me (aka confrencing) ? For more help see the wiki or voip-info.


Thanks for your reply.

At the moment we have our incoming PSTN lines over ISDN, there are 5 incoming lines at each branch.

We then run all of the handsets (wired) threw a patch panel and then into the front of our existing PBX.

We run all of the phones over cat5 with converters to take them from an rj45 socket into a normal uk phone socket.

Many thanks once again.