How can i park a call with one key press?

anyone know how i can park a call with one key press? i have a polycom 601. is there a way i can set a key to blind transfer the current call to a parkandannounce() function some how?

i found this patch that seems to address my problem. but it seems like work on it was stoped because the applicationmap feature allready supports it. am i reading this bug report correctly? if so, how would i get the applicationmap feature to do this one button parking feature i need?

heres the bug reports:

Committed to /trunk. Thanks!

This mean that this function will be part of the next stable release. Or you can use the SVN if you absolutly need it. But this is not very suitable for production.

thank you! one more quick question. do you know how i would call this new one button parking exten from another context? i.e. goto(whatcontext,1,*3)
what context would i need to call for this? is it a dynamic context?

It’s dynamic. THis mean that it the features.conf you add autopark => *4 and it the dial plan, you and the options K or k to the dial function. This allow the caller or callee to be able to park using this feature.

yeah the parking works. im trying to get it to run somthing else (my custom procedure) when the user parks a call. any ideas how i could get my context to run? or would i have to modify the .c source code?