Polycom Phones vs Grandstream

hello, i have been using grandstream phones, but am thinking of switching to polycom phones.

Grandstream phones are cheap and plain, seem to work good.
The polycom have nicer style to them, but i have no experience with the features that they include.
Alot of times im wishing the grandstream had more buttons on it.

Anythoughts on polycom’s?


You are comparing chalk and cheese.
Polycom like aastra are handset makers with a long history, they understand acoustics and design of handsets, Grandstream are not any of these, they are learning but still havea fair way to go.

Just compare the quality of the mouldings of the 2 and you will see what I mean.


I really really recommend Polycom :smile: It’s work for me

Juan Sacco
Voip Manager

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Not the same for me.

I switched from polycom to grandstream. The problem was that it was loosing registration. It works fine on OnDO though.

The best thing to do is to try it and if it works fine for you keep using it.


On my desk (test lab), I’ve got 3 Polycom 320s, a Cisco 7940, 3 Snom 320s and a Snom 300. I’ll take the Polycoms any day. It’s kind of funny though how you are looking for more buttons. I like the Polycom 320s because they have less buttons! I think it looks less intimidating to the users. But, I guess it comes down to what you need. Our needs are pretty basic.