Polycom IP Phone: Conference & Call Forward Feature

Hello All;

Please I need to know if Polycom Phones are doing conference (from the phone it self, by selecting conf from menu or pressing on conference button) with Asterisk smoothly?

Also, I need to know if Polycom Phones are having Call Forward (CallFWD) option from the Phone and working fine with Asterisk, so the user can press on this option and entering the extension that needs to forward for it, so if anyone called his extension, the call will be forwarded to the entered extension (that was entered in the Polycom phone) and it will ring in that entered extension instead of his phone?

By the way, call forward requires to that the IP Phone should be connected or it will build a rule with Asterisk server, and the call will be forwarded to the needed extension from Asterisk server itself even if the IP Phone is not connected to the network?

Appreciate the kindly help.

This is currently in development, but is not something that Asterisk currently can do. Within a couple months I expect a beta module to be available for this for PJSIP.

Hello @InterLinked
Which feature? The conference or the call forward?
Already I can do call conference and call forward from the softphone.

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