Polycom does not re-register when expected

On Asterisk 16.6.1/PJSIP and using Polycom phones in conjunction with a softphone with the Polycom phones will stop sending registration requests when they receive a response with more than one “Contact” header.

It seems like the Polycom is taking the EXPIRES=582 from the first Contact header and won’t re-register until that time has expired.

Here’s the packet in question - https://pastebin.com/PMJbvv3C

Polycom firmware

This is only happening with Polycom phones, all the other brands (Yealink, Cisco) continue registering as expected.

Anyone seen this before?

Hi, how about to add user on line address server on Polycom configuration file?

From: “Test3” sip:demo.814@my.server.com;tag=9EB3C9FD-196211A

From: “Test3” <sip:”Polycom phones “@my.server.com>;

Polycom field help message

Enter a line identification address that the phone uses to register with the server. The address may include a user name, the host of the phone’s SIP URI, or the H.323 ID/extension. For example, if the phone’s line is 1002@polycom.com, enter 1002 as the SIP where polycom.com is the server. Or, you can enter 1002@polycom.com. Any address entered will be displayed as the phone’s line if the display name and label are not specified.

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