"Endpoint 'anonymous'

Hello friends

I have a problem with some Polycom model IP330 devices configured with an extension that does not authenticate with the freepbx 16 exchange and presenting a message “Endpoint ‘anonymous’ state subscription failed:” Please, can someone help me.

Your best path is to post on a FreePBX forum. They will know what FreePBX error messages mean and how to resolve them.

Whilst it is probably going to be difficult to support a FreePBX user, I think the error message is actually from chan_pjsip, but the OP has not copied it completely and literally. I think it is a secondary error resulting from the failure to register, so can be ignored in terms of diagnosing the failure.

Hi, just try by adding user name onto server address setting.

(Polycom field help message)
Enter a line identification address that the phone uses to register with the server. The address may include a user name, the host of the phone’s SIP URI, or the H.323 ID/extension. For example, if the phone’s line is 1002@polycom.com, enter 1002 as the SIP where polycom.com is the server. Or, you can enter 1002@polycom.com. Any address entered will be displayed as the phone’s line if the display name and label are not specified.

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