Polycom 501 - missed calls - dialling as long distance

I am having a problem with using the call lists function on my Polycom 501 phones.

The numbers displayed in the list do not have a 9 or 1 in front of the number, they just have the local area code + the number.

When I select one of the numbers in the list and hit the dial soft key, the system attempts to dial the number and I get a 'The number you have dialled is not a long distance number, do not dial 1 before the number"

Can some one explain how to fix this?

You need to ask the person who wrote your dialplan, or if it wasn’t part of a GUI system and you have inherited it from someone in your company that wrote it, you need to provide a copy of the dialplan. Asterisk does not have any default processing of numbers except the demo ones.