Pointers to a simple, web-based management tool?

I’m looking for a browser-based tool that does a minimal job of managing Asterisk and its conf files.

Features I’d like:
Asterisk is running on CentOS.
Support for https.
Start, stop Asterisk service.
Command window to the Asterisk CLI.
Support remote manual edits to the conf files in /etc/asterisk
Remote viewing of the logs
NO auto-generation, over-writing, or behind-the-scenes changes to existing conf files.
Import and export of conf files would be nice.
FreePBX is a fine management wrapper around Asterisk, but it does way too much for my needs.

My project is a special-purpose Asterisk instance that has a custom channel driver. Its only role is to interface with the custom VoIP handled by that driver. It uses a SIP trunk to bridge calls to and from the main PBX.

We don’t want to require any changes to the main PBX other than configuring the SIP trunk and defining a dial plan for using the trunk.

The minimal Asterisk system only has 15 conf files. Their total line count, including comments and empty lines, is 2040. The files are easily read and understood by humans.

I will be Googling for such a tool, but I expect hits for FreePBX and PIAF to clutter up the search.


Create yourself because all GUIs in the web do some job behind the scene and you want a very specific tool.

Maybe the GUI used by Astlinux will help or the voyage GUI too. But for your specific application you need to create it.