Plz help me with my product im looking for

Hi developers.
actually i need a customized pbx with customized call center.

it is for a company that gives services to its customers and that system will be especially to manage/report the employee performance and quality assurance.

i will inform my main needs :
1- i need pbx like elasix with call center , this call center will have break/stop/wait …other options for the employer to do.
that call center must support that the answer to the employee is answered automatically assume after 3 rings .
2- i need detailed report for the employee , wt he answered , wt was missed calls , how was his work , how was the quality /performance of his work.
the report should be daily or after the employee shift or after specific hours.
3- i need a report for customers called my numbers and didn’t get answered due to congestion of calls and due to rush hour of the work .
4- i need that call center / system to support the broadcasting like call many numbers with predefined voice file and deliver it to many phone numbers automatically with report of the performance.
5- i need recording system for voice & employees screens laptop ,
as an example , if i revise a call within specific date , i need to hear the voice of the call and in same time monitor wt was the employee opening in his pc during his work , so this will require another application installed , so i dont mind , i need it with any method whatever it was integrated with asterisk or it was independent from all the asterisk system.
6-i need that system to be able to be modified and customized , so i may need specific modification on the default call center you will install. (not alot)

7- i have a radius server and i have some dependencies like ticketing system that need to be integrated with some features of asterisk , it may beed AMI or something like that.

this may need to configure vicidial call center with other modification , so if you have the ability to do that , then you are expert and would like to work with you ~

can you help me plz ?

im ready to buy / work so that my needs are statisfied above