Playing wav sounds with Playback

Hello community,

I’m trying to realize a SIP call with SNOM360, with codec G711 A-law.
I have many .gsm sounds file available but I’d like to use .wav with Playback function. Is it possible?I’ve converted the .gsm file with SOX following instructions on the net.
The Log of CLI shows some warnings, like these:

“file.c:552 ast_openstream_full:File it/demo-congrats.wav does not exist in any format”
“file.c:802:ast_streamfile:Unable to open it/demo-congrats.wav (format 0x4(ulaw)):No such file or directory”
“app_playback.c459 playback_exec: ast_streamfile failed on SIP/snom1-081f7f20 for it/demo-congrats.wav”

I’ve installed Asterisk trunk version R81432.



After you convert the files to wav, remove the gsm versions and do not specify a file extension in the dial plan.

Also, why not convert the files to alaw if that is what you are going to be using anyway?

Thanks Matthew, I’ll try to operate in this way.
I need to convert in wav because I’m testing the performance using the same sound file for all conversations,so there’s no real coded speech.

No good results results deleting the.gsm and call without wav extension.
Anyone Have another idea about?