Playing GSM files on Win 10

I just had an Asterisk client upgrade to new Win 10 computers. They keep call recordings forever, and need to play them back periodically. I’m dumping them to a Samba share, and they were using Quicktime to play the gsm files before. But there’s no Quicktime for Win 10, and I haven’t found another workable solution. Playing them on the server through an extension would be complicated, though obviously not impossible. Has anybody else found a solution to this?

save then as .wav49 (.WAV) files. Asterisk will then add RIFF metadata that will allow the Windows Media Player to recognize them. You can use Asterisk to convert existing files, although a little research and some simple coding should allow you to write your own converter.

That would work. However, wav files take 10x the disk space of gsm. I could make a quick little web page to sox a file into wav if they want to listen to it. Since that’s 1 in 1,000 calls, it makes more sense to do that than record wavs. I was just hoping there was a Win 10 compatible player that worked with gsm files.

GSM encoded WAV files only have an additive overhead. wa49 and WAV in upper case contain GSM encoded media streams, not the signed linear ones used by wav files. (Windows, being case insensitive, will play WAV just as well as wav, even though Asterisk distinguishes between them.

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