Help with a player for .gsm files GUI based

My boss wants to convert some workstations from WinXP to Linux (Ubuntu to be exact) workstations. One critical need is the ability to play .gsm files from our Asterisk server. Right now they use WavePad, but it does not integrate into linux well through wine obviously.

All my attempts to play .gsm files have failed using gui based linux apps such as Audacity, vlc, Audacious, and others. Is there any sort of GUI based app that integrates into linux/Ubuntu and plays gsm files? …am I missing some sort of libraries that prevents me from using the standard players?

These users will not be able to handle any sort of command line app. They need to be able to click through their web browser and have the file play by launching an app or by plugin… even better to be able to play and save as a different format.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hello (?) !

You GSM files are most probably not “plain” gsm files but MS GSM files … (Microsoft GSM) which is not compatible with the “original” gsm 6.10 foun on Unix/Linux systems.
If your files have WAV extension and the files start with “RIFF” theses are MS GSM files “wrapped” in a “WAV” header.

Removing the header is not sufficient as MS have made
"their" MS GSM by using 2 GSM6.10 blocks and swapping the bits differently … )

You can do the conversion by converting the MS GSM to plain
PCM (uncompressed) and then recompressing to GSM 6.10

I can provide you with a Windows GUI based tool to do the conversion in batch …
Send me a PM if interrested

Probably not being clear. The .gsm files are on our asterisk server, I’m trying to play them on an Ubuntu box (7.04). So far nothing GUI has worked.

Hello again,

What i am saying is that maybe the files you are trying to play are not GSM6.10 files … but MS GSM file (Called WAV49 in *) …

Otherwise it should load and play in Audacity … etc …

Take a look at the files you are trying to play with a bin. editor …


6.10. I can play them with SoX installed: “play filename” but not with any gui based app.