Playing GSM audio

Can anyone recommend a tool to play GSM audio files used by ASterisk for announcements?

Whatever I try just sounds like computerised hissing. I’ve tried VLC, Audacity with plugins, Winamp with plugins.

Any others?


I’m using VLC all the time and it is working great for me. Maybe you could upload sample file to check? Maybe problem is somewhere else.

I’ve attached a copy of the default announcement in GSM form.

What do you hear?



Heard noise you were talking about. There is definitely something with this file. How it was created?
And check for example this one.

It’s not in GSM form. It is also not any .wav format. file does not recognize it, except as not being text.

How was it created?

I will hold my hands up and say that they actually came from Freepbx. I assumed that they were part of the asterisk part rather than the freepbx part. Perhaps they are freepbx specific somehow?

I’ll ask on their forums but if anyone here has any ideas I’d love to hear them.