Playback from database (MSSQL if possible)

Anyway to store music file on database (just like the voicemail) and playback from it? So just like the voicemail system, I want to be able to store the music file on MS SQL and then play back from it?


By “music file” do you mean a call recording? Because if so you can just use the Record(…) application at the beginning of call routing. Also you should consider using AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT to ensure recording persists through transfers.

Finally, regarding storing these in a database. Whether it is MSSQL or otherwise, you can populate writesql commands to the func_odbc.conf file. This will let you do persist things to your db, things such as recorded call details which have foreign keys back to your CDR record and also contain a path to the sound file itself.

In this way you get to A) record the call, B) store the sound file details, C) link sound files to specific CDR records.

Hello redwolf,

thx for the reply. But simply put, I want the “record” and “playback” command use the database (e.g. MSSQL) as the storage media for the sound files rather then on the logical drive (e.g. c: drive).


I did something similar using MYSQL running in the same Asterisk server.