VM Messge format saved in database

What type of “format” is voice mail message saved in the database (I am using Asterisk 11 with MSSQL 2008 R2). Asterisk is able to playback the message correctly with no issue. But I have my own web site which I would like to play the message via the client browswer. When I extract the data from the database and try to play with “media player” , it says it is in an unsupported format. So I am thinking whatever asterisk saved in the database is not in “.wav” format? Then what format is it in?

thank you!

Look in your voicemail.conf and see the setting for “format” in the [general] section.

Ok, thank you very much, so something must be wrong the way I extract the data, the voicemail.conf says is “wav” yet I can not play with media player…

You may want to try using the format ‘wav49’ for a GSM encoded wav container vs ‘wav’ which is I believe PCM format in a wav container.

so you are saying in the voicemail.conf set format=wav49 instead of just “wav”?

There are multiple formats that voicemail can use to store messages.

‘wav49’ and ‘wav’ are two valid formats.

I was suggestion you try format=‘wav49’ as a test yes, You can specify multiple formats on the same ‘format’ line if you separate them with a pipe character like ‘format = wav49|wav’

Thx all for the help.

I got it to work, I guess in my vb.net code I must specified the file name to save in .wav Once the file saves to the local user’s computer they are able to open the file using media player to play. I guess without specifiying the .wav extension and simply stream to client browser, media play does not like it.

Context.Response.AddHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “attachment; filename=vm.wav”)

What you should send is an appropriate MIME media type (Content-Type: header). Unfortunately it would seem that Microsoft couldn’t be bothered to register wav or RIFF. Apparently a lot of software will recognize audio/x-wav or even the illegal (because it is not registered) audio/wav.