Serving Audio Files from a Database


I am using Asterisk to provided automated help point audio. I have a library of pre-recorded messages that I am using. I do not want to use a text to speech engine. The pre-recorded messages will change from time to time and I would like to be able to manage them in a database as they relate to other objects that I’ll be storing in a database. Also, I want the database to be on a machine separate to Asterisk. This way I can have multiple Asterisk servers retrieving files from the database and all is kept in sync.

Can anyone tell me if Asterisk is able to support retrieval of sounds files from a database?

I am using the Fast AGI protocol and handling requests from a Java application. My script is currently using the streamFile(filename) command which tells Asterisk to locate the file from the file system. An alternative from Asterisk being able to retrieve files directly from the database would be an expansion of the AGI protocol such that it supports the streaming of the bytes of the audio file. This way my script could retrieve the audio from the database and stream their contents.