Voicemessage database storage

has anyone had any luck with setting up asterisk to write voicemessages to mysql?

I know that its pretty new to asterisk and there isnt much documentation on the subject. Ive tried setting it up as instructed at the voip-info.org site but to no avail.

are you actually talking about writing the waveform to a blob, or are you talking about logging the file parameters(header, cdr info, etc.) in mysql and keeping the wavform data on the native filesystem ? I can’t remember if a binary blob can size-adapt a la varchar, but if it cannot, then you are wasting a ton of resources writing wavform to a mysql database. In either case I feel it would be best to write file-references and parameters to the db but leave the wavdata itself on the local filesys. I need to go double check this for my own sake anyway, i’ll hit you back…

Im talking about actually writing the wave file to the table. i read on voip-info.org that you can. that why I’m trying. i didnt want to have to parse the voicemessage (txt) file and place them in the database. this might create a sync issue, having a copy of the wav file info in the DB and a copy of it in its native format.