Playback a file from url

I am using asterisk 16.7.0 . I just want to know can a playback application play something from http/https url or just have to explicitly download the file and then playback.
File may be a wav, gsm or mp3 extension.

It can, but in the background it does download the file and then play it back.

Hi jcolp,
Thanks for clarification. by the way i was able to playback a .gsm file from a url it also downloaded in /tmp directory started with name “bucket” but i am not able to do same with .mp3 extension from a url. is there any way to achieve the same?

Asterisk does not include support for MP3 file playback by default. There is a “format_mp3” module, it can be enabled in “make menuselect” under “Add-ons”.

Remember to install contrib /scripts/get_mp3_source .sh script in order to be able to use the mp3 add module

Thanks @jcolp and @ambiorixg12 Now I am able to play the mp3 files from url.

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