How can my asterisk support MP3 sound file?

I have setup an asterisk systme and can play gsm file now. But can not play MP3 file. How can I make it support MP3 file?

Who can help me???Thanks!!!

Do you need MP3s to be played for retrieving messages, or music on hold?

I found this information on the VoIP wiki, but I believe it only deals with MP3 files for Music on Hold. … +MP3Player

If you are refering to retrieving voicemail messages that exist as MP3 files, I suppose you could use the MPG123 command line information, but it may end up playing that audio stream to all channels currently on hold. Would it be possible for you to convert your audio files to GSM, using the

Sorry, you most likely need to provide more information to get a better answer from a more knowledgable person.


I had installed mpg123 and music on hold can play mp3 file now. But Playback() and Background() can only play gsm file. When I replace the gsm file by mp3 file, my IVR prompt that my voice file not exist in any format. How can I make my IVR systme can Playback mp3 file ???

Are the MP3 files something that is static? I mean, if these are message menus that really do not constantly change, you would most likely be best off by converting the MP3 files to GSM and then implementing them.

The sox program in the Asterisk wiki talks about conversion of wav formated files to gsm. … n+Asterisk

And the Sox homepage now shows that it supports MP3 conversions as well:

I’m sorry that I can’t be much more help than this, but good luck, and please post if you have any success, or even post if you can’t get it to work, to let us know what’s happening (hell, you can even post back to say, “You suck, lortz. All you do is post links.”).


I prefer to use mp3 file directly because the mp3 sound quality seems better than gsm. And I can ensure it can work to playback() MP3 file directly, as we had ever set up an IVR system that can do that but it had collapsed and I have to build a new one.