Want to Play Aduio in an ongoing call

Is it possible to play audio after Dial() is answered by the called? The audio has to be heard by both caller and called and once the audio is done call has to hangup OR if anyone hang up, the call has to hang up.

I am new to Asterisk Any help or direction is appreciated.

Please let me know how I can achieve this by Dialplan, AGI etc


The G flag sounds like what you want.

G ( context^exten^priority ) - If the call is answered, transfer the calling party to the specified priority and the called party to the specified priority plus one.

Any Example Dialplan wht you can give. To be clear the audio has to be played on both line the called and the caller .

What you appear to be trying to do is complex. I’d actually suspect you need to forget Dial() and use ARI, but I don’t know enough about it. However, in general, the requirement is sufficiently complex that it going to involve significant design, which may not be right first time, so it is unliely anyone will do that for you as free consultancy.

It would probably help to know why you want to do this, as it is possible you have over engineered the design.

is posible using local channel and chanspy to inject the audio, or send both parties to a conference and also add a local channel as member of the conference.

Can you please drive me to some resources or examples.

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