Play a message simultaneously to both the caller and the callee in a queue

Good morning,
I have this problem: I have configured a Queue to which I pass an AGI as a parameter. This AGI plays a customized message. I need to play a standard message to che callee at the same time of the AGI but I don’t know how to achieve this behavior. If I use the Queue Announcement function, the message is played after the AGI (i.e. the queue member replies, the AGI message is played to the caller and the callee hears nothing, at the end the Announcement is played to the callee).
I have aldo tried to pass a gosub to the Queue (like the Example 3 in this page). But also in this case the messaggess (AGI and gosub announcement) are not played at the same time (first the gosub announcement and then the AGI).
How can I do to play a message to the queue member at the same time as the message played by the AGI passed to the queue?
I apologize if I have not been clear.
Thanks in advance!

The only solution I can think of is to make the queue member be a local channel, and then Dial() the agent with the G option, and use the Bridge() application to complete the connection.

I haven’t tried this.

You will need to define a state interface for the underlying agent end point.

Ok, thank you.
Otherwise it may be possible to reproduce a message to the Queue agent within the AGI (ie to make a Playback simultaneously with another Playback on the same channel but in the opposite direction)?
Thanks again!

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