PJSIP equivalent to "sip set debug peer xxxx"?


in chan_sip I used “sip set debug peer xxxx” to set debugging on a specific IP address, without needing to lookup the IP address first but using the one, the peer is connected to / registered from.

I try to use something like this in chan_pjsip, but with no luck.
Is there some equivalent to this, like “pjsip set logger on peer” or anything like that?


There isn’t currently.

I might be wrong, but my thought is that as Asterisk use AOR to determine how and endpoint can be contacted (peer), and that and endpoint can have more than one AOR record associate to it, with different IP addresses. It could not be possible that it works as chan_sip does where you only have a single IP associated to a sip peer

The protocol logging is generated to the VERBOSE logging stream. It is generally better to take it from the log files, normally the full one, as they contain timing information, which can be useful to understand what is happening.

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