How to debug specific outbound route calls

Hi everyone, I’m new in this Asterisk and IP Telephony world. I’ve installed an Asterisk (Xorcom) appliance and I need to debug outgoing calls going out throug a SIP trunk. I would like to output that data to a file, probably trough a CLI command.

Thanks in advance!

use the sip set debug command.

Example :

sip set debug peer [peer to debug]

sip set debug ip [ip to debug]

sip set debug peer 100

sip set debug peer callcentric

How to disable once enabled, and if need to when you have 50 extensions to filter to one extension. PIPing from unix/linux kernal does not work so well, and no documentation to show the manual or model of the command.

sip set debug off will turn off debugging.

There is no filtering, if you need to filter I suggest using something like tcpdump or ngrep and filtering your data through grep.

Hi Johnkingston, I am referring to once enabled for single peer

I don’t believe you can disable debugging on a peer basis, To my knowledge there is only the single ‘off’ command that turns off all sip debugging.

there should be however, as if you can switch on, you should be able to turn off as well.