Sip set debug peer phone_Extension filter

Good Day, Need to check just started recently with management on client devices. When in terminal and i need to capture Call packets, the following command is used sip set debug peer phone_extension or IP_address, it then states it is enabled, yet when you do sip set debug on, it still captures globally so when i cut the debugging it breaks the pcap file, as another call was made and the debugging was stopped during that call. so now the file can not be imported on wireshark. Have to leave office now, catch up in few hours.

The file creation is as follows:
asterisk -Tvvddgr | tee /persistent/debug.pcap

I tried doing both with the PIPE :
sip set debug peer phone_extension | tee /persistent/debug.pcap

Not sure if im doing this correctly as the documentation does not say much

You should be using a different tool for this, Asterisk isn’t going to generate a pcap file for you.

look at tcpdump or ngrep.

when doing the debugging it set the data, i can few it in text file but would like to throw it into wireshark, so i can see call flow etc. and i need to limit the data to one caller.

Asterisk does not output data in wireshark format so you can’t “throw it into wireshark” unless you wrote something yourself to convert it into a wireshark format.

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