PJSIP endpoints loosing registrations


We have Asterisk 13.21.0 realtime. We are using PJSIP stack for your hard and soft sip clients. Unfortunately mostly endpoints loosing registration randomly. Asterisk and sip clients are behind NAT. We have reduced registration time from default to 120 and then 90 seconds. Qualify time is 30 sec, Keepalive is set to 30 sec but still PJSIP contacts show unreachable or created. We have checked clients routers/firewalls and made sure sip alg is disabled. Any idea please?

Contact: 103-AJ/sip:103-AJ@x.x.x.x:x 42b9e6b52e Created 0.000
8039d8ab4d Created 0.000
85b048c945 Created 0.000

I’d suggest upgrading as the OPTIONS support was completely rewritten, and so trying to chase down any problems there would be a waste of time. Otherwise you’d need to look at a packet trace to understand the traffic going on, if responses are actually getting lost, that kind of thing.

Thanks for your reply, we upgraded last night to latest version of PJSIP 2.7.2 I believe and all issues got resolved now. Really appreciate your help.