SIP Devices Loosing Registration

So, I’m running into a weird problem on an Asterisk new install. Server has a public IP and isn’t behind a firewall.

I have two devices configured in the sip.cong: A linksys/Sipura handset and a Nokia E61 Wifi/Voip support. Both devices are loosing their registration after so many minutes (variable.) While I can still place calls out, I cannot receive calls.

Within the SIP.conf entry for both devices, I’ve included NAT=yes, canreinvite=yes and qualify=2000|yes.

SIP connection to Voicepulse/IAX connections to Voicepulse are solid.

Any thoughts?

Phil Jackson

try maxexpiery=300 / defaultexpiery=120

that will set the default re-register to 120 and the max to 300. so no matter what the phone will check back in every 5 minutes tops.