Pickup group calls

Hello everybody,

I have set a group call, and when i dial a special extension, all of these phones ring => :smiley:
But now, when i dial this extension, i would like these phones to be picked up automatically …

Is it possible :question:

Thanks you

yesIt’s possible,If you are using softphones like sjphone, use autonanswer mode


Ok thanks for your answer; but, from on asterisk dialplan point of view, is it possible to do such a thing (a lot of my users have XLite and some will have a hardphone) ?

Thanks you

From the console try
core show application Page

you may want to set up auto answer on you hard or soft phones

Hi I am really struggling to setup remote call pickup in asterisknow. It seems impossible to do it from the gui… can anyone guide me on how to do this via the config files or another way. I want to just dial *8 and pickup any phone that is ringing in the office from any phone in the office.

You will have to edit /etc/asterisk/users.conf

In each users context such as:

you need to add:
callgroup = 1
pickupgroup = 1

Can can allow users to pick up member of multiple call groups
pickupgroup = 1 2 3

Pickup groups should be in the GUI

where in the gui is your pickup group options? And if it is in the main left hand column where did you get your version of the gui?