Answer a ringing phone from another phone


i want my asterisk to do something like that:

a person calls a softphone but nobody answer to this softphone. Another person with another softphone can answer the call made to the ringing phone (digiting the extension of the ringing phone on his softphone).
This function has a specific name but i don’t know it in english… the name in italian is “risposta per assente”.

Is it possible to do it with asterisk?

How can i do it?


You need a feature called “directed pickup”, I think, look for some infos here:


I hope below urls may help u in resolving your requirement, … all+Pickup … tures.conf


does iax2 surpport Group call pickup? i try many times and kinds of IAX softphone, all failed. it seems that IAX2 doesn’t surpport Group call pickup. i’am right? if surpport,who can give me a configure sample.
thanks in advance.