Probleme with pickup

Hi all.

I’m having a problem with call-pickup in asterisk@home I have tested with *8 but it doesn’t work
I don’t know if I must add some things in other files or sme things like this
Thanks to give me some tutorials to do this.


You have in the parameters of your extensions: callgroup and pickupgroup. The numbers you put there means that this extension belongs to that group.

Ex: if you have sip extension 100, 101, 102 and 103. If you have callgroup and pickupgroup value to 1 for 100 and 101 and value 2 for 102 and 103, means that 100 can pickup calls from 101 but not from 102 and 103; 102 can pickup calls from 103 but not from 100 or 101.

Usualy I make groups by offices. If in one office are 4 phones, I put them in group nb. 1 etc.

I hope I’ve expressed it well.