Callgroup & pickupgroup

Hi, all

I have two extensions in * and work well. One is ZAP channel, anolog phone; and other is sip softphone. I set them callgroup & pickupgroup both to 1 in zapata.conf & sip.conf respectively. I hope when anolog phone is ring, I can use sip phone to pickup this call. I test it, use *8xxx at softphone when anolog phone ringing; but it can’t work correctlly.

How can i do next ?

pls help !

*8 is the default access code for group pickup. You don’t need to dial anything after this. The pickup should work just by sending *8.

Post the parts your conf files that you are having trouble with

Also some console output

If you want to pickup a specific extensions, have a look at console command:
core show application Pickup

You will need to create something like this in your dial plan
exten = **XXX,1,Pickup(${EXTEN:2}@default)