How to use PHPAGI in asterisk


I am Configuring Asterisk server.

I have to develop a Asterisk IVR using AGI script. I have downloaded the PHPAGI script but i dont know how to use that.

What are the configurations i have to change in phpagi.php and php-manager.php file.

i am using for asterisk
port 5038 for manager
username and password created

if i create a agi script using php, How to include PHPAGI file in my agi script?

what is the code for that.?

Is there any examples for to learn more about PHPAGI?

Please help.

Is there any tutorials for this…?

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Ask the person who specified the use of PHPAGI. Generally, the use of something like this should not be a given for a project unless it has been evaluated by someone who has a reasonable understanding of how to use it - typically one would prototype in an unfamiliar language before committing the design to the use of that language.

I know this doesn’t always happen with high profile commercial products, but the PHPAGI developers don’t have advertising resources to convince non-technical board members that there company will go bust if they don’t use it.

Asterisk can do IVR completely within the dialplan for simple cases, so the specification of PHPAGI should have been done by someone who can:

a) justify why Asterisk can’t do it;
b) understands how it can be done using PHPAGI

(It’s not uncommon for over-constrained projects to be home work exercises.)

Thanxx For the Replay…

But i want to learn AGI using PHP & PERL…

Can you Please help me for that…