I have a little problem with my script !
Iuse AGI_manager to check value but i have start in local then when i do

if($this->_ASManager->connect(‘localhost’, ‘username’, ‘123’)){ }

my script in Php want to connect at my asterisk server but now i work in an another Computer and i want to connect from this computer to my server but when i do

if(‘’ , ‘username’, ‘123’) {}

the connexion failed (this ip is normal it’s because this server is only accessible by the wi-fi then it’s normal)

if anyone have an idea i’m ok to try !!! (i have try to say the port 5038->asterisk and 22->ssh and telnet->23 )

thx a lot for helping me


i have write a mistake for the second connect

if($this->_ASManager->connect(‘’, ‘laurent’, ‘123’)){}