PHP AMI Event Listening

I want to listen to a specific event such as PeerStatus or ExtensionStatus. While using WaitEvent, its throwing plethora of datas. in php echo/print_r

You can filter under user context at manager.conf

;eventfilter=Event: Newchannel
;eventfilter=Channel: (PJ)?SIP/(james|jim|john)-
;eventfilter=!Channel: DAHDI/
; The eventfilter option is used to whitelist or blacklist events per user.
; A filter consists of an (unanchored) regular expression that is run on the
; entire event data. If the first character of the filter is an exclamation
; mark (!), the filter is appended to the blacklist instead of the whitelist.
; After first checking the read access below, the regular expression filters
; are processed as follows:
; - If no filters are configured all events are reported as normal.
; - If there are white filters only: implied black all filter processed first,
; then white filters.
; - If there are black filters only: implied white all filter processed first,
; then black filters.
; - If there are both white and black filters: implied black all filter processed
; first, then white filters, and lastly black filters.
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but what about doing it from the PHP or external controller? By doing this in manager.conf, it will limit the overall throughput

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