Disable AMI send events

We use AMI for originate calls by telnet, and get channels info by http manager. Every telnet session start with Events:off command. manager module uses great size ddr memory, log message like:
The ‘subm:manager_topic-00000007’ task processor queue reached 3000 scheduled tasks again.
appears many times.
Is it possible to globally disable this events in manager config file, maybe by using filter or something like that?

Don’t give the account any receive permissions.

From the documentation

> ;eventfilter=Event: Newchannel
> ;eventfilter=Channel: (PJ)?SIP/(james|jim|john)-
> ;eventfilter=!Channel: DAHDI/
> ; The eventfilter option is used to whitelist or blacklist events per user.
> ; A filter consists of an (unanchored) regular expression that is run on the
> ; entire event data. If the first character of the filter is an exclamation
> ; mark (!), the filter is appended to the blacklist instead of the whitelist.
> ; After first checking the read access below, the regular expression filters
> ; are processed as follows:
> ; - If no filters are configured all events are reported as normal.
> ; - If there are white filters only: implied black all filter processed first,
> ; then white filters.
> ; - If there are black filters only: implied white all filter processed first,
> ; then black filters.
> ; - If there are both white and black filters: implied black all filter processed
> ; first, then white filters, and lastly black filters.

If I do this it doesn’t break getting the commands replies originate?

Can you tell how to filter all message?

Disabling read permission only suppresses unsolicited events.

Yes. It work. Thanks. Now it is not sending.
But command asterisk -rx “manager show eventq” list many events in queue. It is possible to disable it in general?

Log messages like:
taskprocessor.c:913 in taskprocessor_push: The ‘subm:manager_topic-00000007’ task processor queue reached 3000 scheduled tasks.
appears still
asterisk -rx “core show taskprocessors”

Processor Processed In Queue Max Depth Low water High water
subm:manager_topic-00000007 5830673 0 3650 2700 3000

Internally things are still queued up for processing by manager, which it can then filter and not send. If the processing of those is delayed you’d need to determine why. The HTTP support for manager is not used very often, if you don’t use it does the issue go away?

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