Asterisk AMI Events Differentiate

Hai Everyone.

I have an Asterisk server installed with Version 16.7.0 and I have two applications connect with my asterisk with two different manager users. But what is happening is, my both asterisk manager is listening to all the asterisk events. Am inititing the call from both Asterisk AMI user(like admin,admin1) both manger listen the all calls.

Can we have some kind of filter based on the asterisk manger user ? or any better idea or suggestions ?

What i wanted to acived is like admin AMI user should not be able to listen the call initated by the admin1 AMI user.

The only filtering that exists is for specific events[1] or types[2], there is no per-user scoping or anything. Such functionality would need to be implemented externally, such as in an AMI proxy.


@jcolp Thanks - Do you have some suugestion on the AMI Proxy ?

I’m not aware of what AMI proxy solutions exist, or if they even fit your needs. It was more of a general comment of how such a thing could be done.

Ok.Thanks for the time @jcolp

Well I generally achieve this by filtering relevant events based on the account code or something. Definitely the event needs to be parsed in such cases, but you can discard the event of the account code doesn’t match the pattern you are looking.
But couldn’t find anything that would filter on basis of calls initiated by a particular manager.

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